Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

The American Sports Club Kiel e.V. was founded in 1988, the first division being the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes. After some difficult but also successful years with rises and falls, the "Canes" have established themselves in German football and since 2006 have been a fixed parameter in the German Football League.
One of the greatest successes over the past few years was winning the German Championship 2010 and being runners-up in the Championships in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

(Season 2013)

Gunnar Peter, managing director - Kieler Football Vermarktungs GmbH, Germany

The Hans-Günter Berner GmbH & Co.KG with her Cellagon products is a strong partner for the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes. The Cellagon products help our players to stay fit and healthy so that they can give their best in every game.

Richard Adjei, Linebacker - American football, Germany

Since my time in NFL Europe and the bobsleigh I know how important a good nutrition and regeneration are. I'm glad that we have a partner with Cellagon, whose products help us in these areas.

Jermaine Allen, Running Back - American football, Great Britain

Our games take two to three hours. Cellagon T.GO helps me to be fit to run the opponent away in the fourth quarter.

Garrett Andrews, Wide Receiver - American football, USA

In our sport, it can go to seconds and millimetres, as it helps if you can light the Turbo still times with Cellagon T.GO.

Patrick Esume, head coach - Amercian football, Germany

With Cellagon T.GO our players are ideally looked after because T.GO ensures the necessary energy and supports regeneration, which is very important in an intensively physical sport such as American football. I myself drink Cellagon aurum regularly for an optimum supply of vitamins.


German Champion(GFL) 2010

Lenonard "Lenny" Grenne, Defensive Back - American football, Germany

I am confident to make a bigger performance jump as I have planned in Kiel by Cellagon. It has become my magic potion!

Kyle Israel, Quarterback - American football, USA

Cellagon supported us during the game and in the regeneration phases. Thank you for this!

Nick Lamaison, Quarterback - American football, USA

Just for me as a quarterback, it is important to be well at the end of the game still physically and mentally fresh, so I find the correct scan station for the touchdown to win.

Timothy Love Breaker, Defense Back - American football, USA

I feel about rum well looked after in Kiel and includes also Cellagon.

Drew Thomas, Defensive Back - American football, USA