Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

The American Sports Club Kiel e.V. was founded in 1988, the first division being the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes. After some difficult but also successful years with rises and falls, the "Canes" have established themselves in German football and since 2006 have been a fixed parameter in the German Football League.
One of the greatest successes over the past few years was winning the German Championship 2010, being runners-up in the Championships in 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2012 and the EFL Bowl 2014.

(Season 2015)

Gunnar Peter, managing director - Kieler Football Vermarktungs GmbH, Germany

The Hans-Günter Berner GmbH & Co.KG with her Cellagon products is a strong partner for the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes. The Cellagon products help our players to stay fit and healthy so that they can give their best in every game.

Jan Abrahamsen, Defensive Back - American football, Germany

Blake Bolles, Quarterback - American football, USA

Tyler Davis, Defensive Back - American football, USA

Benedikt Englmann, Wide Receiver - American football, Germany

Thiadric Hansen, Linebacker - American football, Germany

Ryan Newell, Linebacker - American football, USA

Kaj Sørensen, Offensive Line - Amercian football, Denmark