“Your food should be your medicine, and your medicine should be your food.” (Hippocrates, father of European medicine)

A holistic approach instead of individualisation

Since 1986 we have been developing, producing and selling nutrient concentrates made of fruit, vegetables, herbs and oils that are particularly rich in vital substances. The basis consists of a nutritional concept that is moulded on the diversity and holistic patterns of nature instead of regarding or using individual ingredients in an isolated form.

Class instead of mass

Nutrients and functional substances that the human body needs to maintain its health, can be found in nature. As many of these as possible should be made available to people via our Cellagon products. For this reason we harvest and process the ingredients in their ripe condition and prepare them gently and with highly modern technologies since vitamins, secondary plant substances and trace elements are extremely sensitive.

Continuity and progress

Not all the wonders of nutrition have been encoded to date. We therefore always examine traditional methods and work continually together with scientists, experts and producers. We accept new research results and requirements in order to constantly improve our products even further.

Passion and knowledge

We are enthusiastic about our products and are convinced of their quality. We invest in the training and further education of our employees and advisers. We offer them perspectives and are open for new facts. Just like an organism that is based on the interplay of individual cells, our company lives from each individual person who, with responsibility for himself and us, makes his success the success of the company.

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